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General and Family Dentistry

We at Ladera Family Dentists are extremely focused on taking care of our patients’ oral health with primary focus on preventative dentistry. The most common dental problems we encounter are gingivitis (gum inflammation) and simple cavities. Neglected gum health can lead to infection spreading to the gums and bone, leading to periodontitis which in severe cases can lead to mobility and eventual loss of the tooth.

Regular semi annual dental check up, x rays and cleaning can help prevent more extensive dental problems.
In situations where gingivitis has progressed to periodontitis will warrant the need for scaling and root planing which in common terminology is known as deep cleaning. This entails going below the gum line and removing any tartar or calculus on the tooth surface to prevent the further spread of infection.

Digital X rays act as an effective tool in establishing a comprehensive, accurate diagnosis and at the same time reducing patients’ radiation exposure and protecting their health


Malocclusion or in other words crooked teeth can cause a host of problems including exacerbating gum disease, causing cavities and at times can also cause mouth breathing with increased susceptibility to trauma. The conventional way of correcting malocclusion is through metallic braces. As effective as they are, its not the most appealing option due to compromised esthetics. This makes a lot of adults reluctant to correct their teeth alignment. A great alternative to this is Invisalgn, which is a set of clear trays that move teeth into alignment. The treatment span is short, very esthetic and makes orthodontic treatment an option at any age.

Mouth Guards

One common issue that occurs in the current population is chipping of teeth during extensive workouts and also temporomandibular joint pain that happens while taking stress on teeth. These can have adverse effects on the joint and facial muscles causing pain and leading to a decrease in quality of life. A very effective way to stop any further damage is getting occlusal/sports guard to protect teeth and the joint which will prevent further damage and wear and actually help people to continue living a healthy lifestyle.

Children’s Dentistry

American Dental Association recommends first year first visit. Bringing a child in on their first birthday for a dental check up is a very effective visit more so for the parents than the child himself/herself. Nutritional and dietary counseling for the parents is an effective way to prevent early childhood caries in infants and toddlers. Regular checkups every six months for children is very effective not only in preventing decay but also help children grow up with a healthy attitude towards dentistry and in actually taking care of their dental health. Regular cleanings coupled with sealants which help seal off deep grooves in permanent teeth is a great preventative treatment for young children and teenagers.

Teeth Whitening

Whiter teeth always lead to bigger smiles and more confidence. Even though there are numerous over the counter products in the market, the best way to achieve great results is through professional in house whitening procedures done by a dental professional. In our office we use Philips Zoom whitening. It is an hour and a half procedure, which uses a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide in its whitening gel which is activated by LED light. The whole process comprises of four fifteen minute whitening sessions and teeth are reported to get up to eight shades whiter.

Implant Dentistry

Missing teeth are a very common dental problem encountered by more than half the population. Teeth are lost due to caries, trauma and some are born with missing teeth. A great way of replacing missing teeth is with the help of dental implants. The process involves the placement of a titanium screw in the jaw bone. After a few months of healing, the implant is restored with a crown to restore form, function and esthetics of a natural tooth. This is better than a bridge where adjacent teeth need not be compromised to replace the tooth that is missing. Implants can also be used to support complete dentures to provide better support and stability.

Crown and Bridge Dentistry

Dental Caries when not treated immediately and allowed to progress for a period of time can lead to it becoming too large to be filled with composite to get desired results. In these instances a crown is a better alternative. The tooth structure is reduced to create space for a crown to go over it in order to restore form, function and esthetics of a natural tooth. This is a similar treatment of choice when teeth chip or a part of the tooth is broken off. Porcelain, Zirconia and emax are some of the material of choice for crowns.

Emergency Dentistry

A dental emergency can happen at the most inconvenient time and place. The most common dental emergencies that occur are chipping of front teeth, cracking of molars and tooth abscesses that occur due to advanced gum disease or deep cavity approximating the nerve of the tooth. We at Ladera family dentists always try to accommodate our patients as soon as possible to take care of their emergencies, get them out of pain and restore form, function and esthetics of their natural teeth and give them their confidence back.

White Fillings

One of the most common dental problems encountered by the general population is dental caries or in simple terms a cavity. The best way to treat them is actually to prevent it. Good oral hygiene along with a low cariogenic diet will prevent/minimize the development of dental caries. In instances where they do happen, the best way to treat them is with composite fillings, which are tooth colored resin materials. These filling materials are bonded on to the tooth surface, which provides a good seal and restores the form, function and esthetics of the natural teeth.


As we age losing teeth becomes a common problem. Another option to replace missing teeth are dentures. These are a great alternative to implants when there is not enough bone and to bridges when adjacent teeth are not strong enough to provide support. There are two kinds, namely the complete denture which is helpful when a patient is completely edentulous or in other words missing all of his/her teeth. Partial dentures help to replace a few missing teeth. These appliances though removable serve as a great replacement option for missing teeth and establish normal function and esthetics of natural teeth.

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